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Phone wallpaper

I just got a new phone, so I made a wallpaper for it - Nayuki from Kanon. I figured I'd share it here in case anyone wanted to use it - it's 128x160, which is a standard resolution for a low-res screen. I know the lines are kind of jagged - haven't quite figured out how to adjust that yet.

ampharos: sing

AIR TV x12: "Punchline - Action"

This is a new idea I've had for iconsets: pick an anime or character, pick a music album, and create a set of icons based on that album - one icon corresponding to each song, whether it's one with the lyrics or title on it, or textless and simply inspired by the subject or title of the song.

For my first set I've picked my favourite anime, AIR TV, and an album by my favourite band, Punchline's Action. There are 12 songs on the album, so there are 12 icons in this set. Please comment (whether you take or not - constructive criticism is much appreciated!) and credit tortoises and/or dotinfinity as usual (I prefer credit to both, but credit to either is fine too).

I take great delight in occasionally using completely inappropriate fonts and/or captions, so don't be surprised if some sneaked into this set. Enjoy! :D

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